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Money Talk (2023) - Student Film


MONEY TALK (2023) Teaser Trailer


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Direction of Light

    For this assignment, I learned how to use tungsten lighting fixtures to create more cinematic lighting for working on films. Side-Lighting Top-Light Rembrandt Bottom-Light Bonus Pictures

Why ‘The Shining’ is a Masterpiece

 (Spoiler Warning, Graphic Violence, Depictions of Abuse Warning)  Copyright 1980 Warner Brothers      Have you ever been in a rut with no way out?       Stephen King explores this feeling of existential dread in his novel The Shining. After reading, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick thought it was “much more imaginative” than other horror books.       So, he took up the chance to create a film on King’s work and thus a horror classic was born.       The story follows a writer and his family travelling to the Overlook Hotel for the winter to be the caretaker during the off-season. But all work and no play makes you do crazy things, like kill your family, and hallucinate things that aren’t really there.        At first glance, it is a simple slasher film, however, the more you look into it, the more complicated it becomes. Not only was it difficult to film, which we will get into later, but the plot is up to an incredible amount of interpretation.       There’s a lot that we don’t know abo

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